Home care can include regular visits from a home care worker to help with personal care, shopping and preparing meals.

Other services include meals on wheels, monitored personal alarms and household equipment, and adaptations to help with everyday tasks.

You may be able to visit local day centers where you can socialise and enjoy various activities, with transport available to get you there.


  • The cost of care at home might be cheaper:  As the number of support increases, it might become cheaper to move into a care home. You also have more control over the care and support you receive.
  • You get to stay near friends and family: Staying in the same neighborhood is really important to some people.
  • You can ask for more help or less. You’ll be able to tailor exactly how much help you need as your ability changes.
  • You can continue to live with your pets If you need help looking after them, you could try contacting the Cinnamon Trust (https://cinnamon.org.uk/) who might be able to lend you a hand.
  • You might get more money for care. The value of your home isn’t taken into account when calculating how much you have to pay for your care. It will if you move into a care home.


  • Carers are not around 24/7 This might mean you feel less safe in your home. A live-in carer, an alarm system, fall detectors or a bed sensor might help you feel better.
  • Your carer may change The agency you use will likely try to send the same person every time, but may not be able to due to sickness and time off.
  • Carers might turn up late This might be because they have an emergency at their previous call. If you have a strict schedule, this might be difficult for you.
  • It could get more expensive if you need more help For example you may need a cleaner, a gardener or need a hairdresser to visit.
  • Home modifications and equipment might affect the value of your property. This is especially the case if they are unsightly.

Quality of care can vary. You can check the quality on the Care Quality (https://www.cqc.org.uk/what-we-do/services-we-regulate/find-services-offering-care-home) site

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