Live the life you were meant to live

Craving more independence, ready to make the next step by living on your own? For many people with a disability, living independently and reducing the reliance on others is a major goal in life. You might have an idea of how this transition will look, but confused about how to make the change work. RadiantLife can assist you in creating the kind of place that you want to live in — be it at home, a sole or shared residence or an assigned property. We can help you achieve more independence than you ever thought possible by helping you build confidence and develop the skills needed to live the life you were meant to live.

Martha’s take

Martha (not real name, RadiantLife protects your privacy) a client since 2016, “I love the fact that I do not feel alone or scared, the carers are available at the centre whenever I need them”. “They help me craft a simple weekly schedule I can follow, this gives me a level of independence”.

Getting the care and support you need

The main goal of supported living is to allow you live your life to the fullest whilst maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing. RadiantLife will help you develop your daily living skills, manage your finances, ensure you have access to community services, make sure you are exposed to suitable social activities and help you to maintain your tenancy/supported living. At RadiantLife we care for and support you with managing mental health illnesses such as anxiety and panic disorders, bipolar disorder, depression and personality disorders, we offer person-centred support to develop practical daily living skills, and tools for managing your mental health so that you can self-manage and stay well longer term. We provide people with learning disabilities with the right tools to manage or overcome their challenges by coordinating with local colleges and other organisations within the community which support those with a learning disability. Radiantlife uses a holistic approach when deciding on what care and support to provide, any decision is made with your consent and in line with the right treatment for you. Therefore, we try to understand the person and how they are individually affected by their learning disability.

The right support to maintain your independence

Do you want to stay connected with or start to become more active in your community, RadiantLife can support you. Our social and community participation plans are flexible and completely tailored to you and your goals, and can help you build your self-esteem, enhance your social life and improve your general wellbeing. We understand how important it is to maintain your independence — that’s why we provide a range of daily living supports to help you continue to live life your way. Be it extra help at home, assistance with daily living skills or full time live-in care, RadiantLife will sit with you to assess your needs and proffer the right support tailored to your needs. We understand that social inclusion is very important, so we would work with you to integrate with the community as much as possible, from developing hobbies, engaging in social activities to helping you get the right training for volunteering and employment opportunities in line with your personal recovery goals. . RadiantLife supports people who have learning disabilities, mental health illnesses, behaviours that challenge or other complex needs to live safely and as independently as possible.

Defining your Individuality

The choice of how you make this transition is yours and there are adequate options which RadiantLife makes available. RadiantLife has excellent living facilities at Braintree, Coventry and Maldon centres which enables you to have an array of choices. You can choose to live in a shared home with others which involves having your own bedroom and sharing lounge, kitchen, bathroom etc. Another option if you are up to it, is the possibility to live in a self-contained house/flat which gives you greater independence and control. Alternatively, you can decide to live in your home, in an environment geared at increasing your integration into the community with daily check-in by our staff or even live-in support. Whichever living arrangements you deem suitable for you, our staff are available on site 24hrs to offer support at several points throughout the day and night which gives you the opportunity to live with dignity and greater independence.

The RadiantLife Way

Our approach to supporting you is person-centred and not a one-size-fits-all solution. At RadiantLife, it’s all about you and your requirements, once we understand your needs and goals, our team will listen to what you want to do, and will put together step-by-step care or support plan that is just right for you. Our staff are the best experts in the industry and are subject to a rigorous recruitment process including providing at least two references, Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) enhanced disclosure checks, as well as checks against the Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) register and the Protection of Children Act (POCA) list. We also put our staff comprehensive vetting during the recruitment process to ensure that they have the right skills, attitude and personality for homecare work. In addition RadiantLife is constantly training its staff to improve their skillset.

Making the right choice -Now

Getting your living arrangements right is vital to boosting your independence, as such we work hard with our residents to integrate them into society while providing a safe and stable living environment, by providing support and care that is needed to maximise an individual’s potential. There are so many ways available to you to get in touch with us:

  • You can call us on 02033180473 (8am – 8pm)
  • Fill our quick contact form
  • email us at and
  • visit us at our headquarters in Rainham, Essex or at our Braintree, Coventry and Maldon centres (on appointment).

RadiantLife understands that you need to make the right choice, so we have open days at our facilities in Braintree, Coventry and Maldon centres which lets you get a first-hand experience of what the future looks like with us supporting you. Our dedicated staffs are available on-site 24hrs to answer your questions and support you with anything you need.

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